Poltramp Yard About

About us

POLTRAMP YARD is a full-service shipyard dedicated for building, refitting and repairing of vessels, fabrication of steel and aluminum constructions.

We are also specialized in the field of design, build and full-maintenance service of cable-laying equipment.

Poltramp Yard is located in the north-west part of Poland. Our location guarantees easy access by sea routes from all around Europe.

Poltramp Yard About

Our history dates back to 1988 when Poltrampservice was established as a member of Polish Steamship Company Group.

In the beginning we offered voyage repairs but quickly extended our offer to more complex and technically advanced works like conversions and class or emergency repairs.

During the last few years rebuilds of cargo, fishing and specialized offshore vessels have become our main activity.

Our main goals are short delivery time combined with high quality standards and fulfilling customers’ requirements. Our company carries on with the best tradition, experience, production and intellectual potential of Polish shipbuilding industry.

Poltramp Yard About


Here you can find a well-equipped workshop, advanced technology and skilled labor force:

  • Module shop
  • Steel and aluminium fabrication shop
  • Pipe fabrication shop
  • Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Administration
  • Machine shop
  • Electrical shop
  • Carpentry works
  • Security (24/7)
  • 3 300 m2 of fabrication area
  • Fully equipped berth, 400 m long, T = 8 m
  • Mobile & tower cranes