Cement Ship Unloader

Main parameters of the ship:


Width – 11,50 m
Length – 10,20 m
Height – 9,30 m
Weight – 60 tons

The scope of the contract included, at the earliest stage, the design of a device moving on an existing coastal track in India.To meet this task, a special arrangement of trolleys has been designed.

The construction of the steel structure was subject to a very high tolerance regime for the individual elements of the crane. After the steel structure was made, it underwent a series of mobile processing operations. During these operations, more than 20 operators and more than 6 devices worked in a 24-hour mode at one time.Due to the work in very difficult climatic conditions, painting works were carried out under the strict supervision of painting inspectors.

In addition, the contract also included the design, construction and assembly of the full electrical installation along with the software.

Poltramp Yard Cement Ship Unloader
Poltramp Yard Cement Ship Unloader
Poltramp Yard Cement Ship Unloader

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