M/v Grotle is a highly technologically advanced sea unit for gilnet and Longline integrated fishing systems.

The unit was constructed by Poltramp Yard shipyard in 2013-2014. Despite its small sizeĀ  (Lc 20,99m B=8,5m) the boat is equipped with a significant number of facilities and systems for fishing, processing and storage of fish in deep freeze conditions.

The boat was constructed directly for a Norwegian Ship-owner as a turn-key project by our Shipyard, from the laying of the keel through the construction of the hull, purchase, delivery and installation of facilities and systems, through to commissioning and trial of the boat.

Main parameters of the unit:
Lc = 20.99m
Gross tonnage 313

The boat was handed over to the Ship-owner in 2014 following successful sea trials and provides its owners with excellent yield to this day.

Poltramp Yard Grotle

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