Trimaran multitask workboat for fish farm industry and specialized transportation in the area of the Norwegian cost.

Distinguished by incredible stability, displacement and the size of the deck for this type of units. Good visibility of 360 degrees, superstructure placed on the aft, high maneuverability and excellent drive performance combined with a record crane capacity 95tm and outreach of 20m making it the perfect tool for the job.

  • Length over all = 14,95m
  • Widht = 12,00 m
  • Depth to 1st deck = 3,90 m
  • Frame spacing = 0,50m
  • Maximum speed ~10 kts
  • Propulsion = Volvo Penta 600 HP + Finnoy CPP
  • Crane capacity = 95 tm
  • Towing winch capacity = 60 t
Poltramp Yard Torres
Poltramp Yard Torres
Poltramp Yard Torres

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