The boats are sister units, 34 metre Danish Seiner type fishing boats.

The hulls of the boats were constructed by Russian shipyard, but as a result of the poor quality of the local shipyards the Norwegian ship-owners decided to tow both the hulls to Poland and finish the installation of facilities on the hulls at our shipyard.

Apart from amendment works we executed a series of outfitting works such as installation of doors, windows, piping passages, RSW and Vacuum systems. We also reconstructed the net bins and the RSW containers, as well as the insulated the containers with PU foam.

Our shipyard executed a full scope of anticorrosion works of both the external hull as well as the internal spaces (including the metal spraying of boards and holds, as well as painting of the containers for live fish with food-compatible paint).

Poltramp Yard Voldness/Fugloyhav
Poltramp Yard Voldness/Fugloyhav
Poltramp Yard Voldness/Fugloyhav

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